Garden Snow

It’s gotten pretty chilly here in Portland. The wind was rather biting today as I walked to the market. When I came home and kissed my husband, he exclaimed at how icy my nose and cheeks were as I pressed them against his warm face. The cold can be an exhilarating pleasure, when you have a nice cozy home that you can retreat to from the frigid outdoors.

We don’t usually get much snow here. Typically, a bit around Christmas. Sometimes, a whole lot at once in a freakish blizzard. The freakish snowstorms have become more frequent since I’ve lived here over the last 18 years, as climate change makes everything different.

I love it when it snows in Portland. For at least the first day or so, the whole city shuts down. We all take a snow day. The city becomes peacefully quiet and hushed, except for the gleeful shouts and calls of kids playing in the snow and the swish swish of people happily skiing down the city streets. But I know it’s not all fun and games for everyone.

There’s no snow in the forecast for the next week, but there are a few snowy blossoms in my garden, as the the snow peas continue to give me sweet little crisp pods. I hope to pick up a straw bale this weekend and to tuck the peas away into a warm little bed along with my other plants before it gets much colder, giving them all a better chance of surviving any hard frosts that we may have.


(Snow pea blossoms are making me think of snow…)

I’m reminded that although I have most of my holiday gifts for my family sorted out, I haven’t given any gifts to charity yet, this season. Last year, four people died in Portland from the cold. So, I’ve decided to give to the Union Gospel Mission a heavy moving blanket via their Amazon wishlist to help save someone in Portland from this winter’s cold. Their list says they need 50 and have only 14, so far. Click this link to give, too, and save a blossom of hope this winter.




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